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Walkways, or ramps, as they are also referred to, form the connection to a floating dock from a shoredeck or rock mount shoreplate. Docks and Lifts walkways feature a super duty hinge utilizing 1.315" diameter pins on both ends to enable automatic adjustment to fluctuating water levels while maintaining a strong connection. A float and frame option is added to assist in stabilizing and ensuring no extra weight is incurred on the floating dock, as well as adding to the ease of installation. They come in a range of different sizes from 4'-0" to 12'-0" wide and 10'-0" to 28'-0" in length.  Walkways up to 14'-0" long are constructed using steel tubing, while a steel truss frame is required for spans beyond this. Custom sizing is also available as well as the ability to add removable handrails for longer or high profile applications. Our standard units use treated removable decking but composite decking is also a popular alternative. 

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