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Boathouse Cradle Lifts

Docks and Lifts cradle lifts can be adapted to fit any deck or boathouse. Every unit is custom fabricated to fit and are available in 4000 lbs., 6000 lbs. and 8000 lbs. models. Cradle lifts are constructed from structural steel tubing, high strength galv. cable, uprights w/ plastic bumpers and H.D. aqua winches w/ cast hardened worm gears. They also come with carpeted adjustable bunks to suit all watercrafts as well as pull out bars for winter storage. Additional options include a drop cradle for shaft driven boats, a pontoon bunk kit to lift your pontoon boat, PWC bunks to allow the lifting of two PWC in one slip and a remote control option so the unit can be ran wirelessly.  Safe and economical, Docks and Lifts cradle lifts are a popular choice for anyone looking to protect their watercraft.

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