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Shore Mounts

A solid shore connection is the vital foundation of any docking system, floating or stationary. Whether it is just a simple rock mounted shoreplate, a truss frame deck or a steel beam framed platform with joists and decking, ensuring proper mounting and bracing is critical during installation. At Docks and Lifts, our experienced installation specialists will mount your shoredeck or shoreplate using expansion anchors and fully welded connections to create a durable and solid deck structure. In some instances bedrock may not be available for mounting, so the use of concrete, screw piles or drilled pipes may be required, which we routinely adapt to. For the do-it-yourselfer, a wood shoreplate template can be made and brought into our shop for a steel replica to be built. This allows the client to still have a solid steel shoreplate to mount on rock while saving on-site welding and installation costs. Whatever shoreline situation you have, Docks and Lifts can help with the planning and installation of a proper shore mounted structure that will last for many years to come.

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