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Marine and Mini Railways

A custom marine railway system from Docks and Lifts is extremely versatile and can be installed on shore, on a deck or in a boathouse. They are safe as well as easy to operate and come in three different sizes, mini (1000 lbs. capacity), 4000 lbs. capacity and 7000 lbs. capacity. An all steel construction for both the dolly and track make these systems very durable and strong. Electric winches provide the power and an electric brake system keeps the units safe from any freewheeling. All forms of water craft from pontoon boats to two PWC's can be adapted to fit on the dolly. Winter storage is easy as the system comes with a lift frame that allows you to hoist the track from the water using the winch itself. With various options, including remote control, a marine railway is an exceptional option for any watercraft storage.

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