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Stationary (Lift) Docks

For areas where levels are relatively consistent or systems can't be left in the water, a stationary dock from Docks and Lifts may suit your needs. The lightweight steel truss frame construction and removable treated decking will provide years of trouble free service with very little maintenance. The dock is attached to the shore via a rock mounted shoreplate or to a shoredeck and sturdy steel galvanized legs support it in the water. The legs are cross braced for stability and have foot pads for bearing. Each leg is independently adjustable for ease of leveling, during installation. Our stationary docks can be lifted out of the water for winter by removing the decking and using a gin pole to raise the frame. They come in a range of different sizes from 4'-0" to 10'-0" wide and 20'-0" to 28'-0" in length.  Custom sizing is also available as well as the ability to couple them together to create a wider platform. Our standard units use treated decking but composite decking is also a popular alternative.

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